Shoestore "Undercover"


"Undercover Shoeshop"   (Magdeburg / Germany)


120 sqm   (retail space)


Completed in January 2017

Support from  JEARODES:

Entire concept of the room design incl. walls, floor, lighting and individual furniture


Before remodelling, I just had the feeling to be in the middle of a gigantic garbage table for left-overs and non-sellers: there were shoes everywhere. This chaotic sales room was in no way in line with the otherwise sophisticated business concept "Trendy brand shoes from the U.K. and USA".

When I heard about Undercover's own shoemaking and repair shop (which is a rarity in our throwaway society today), my central idea quickly developed: I wanted to contrast the top-fashionable shoes with recycled building materials, which here were given a second life. The massive wooden planks on the wall, on which today the shoes are on display, came for example from an old reconstructed pedestrian bridge and were sandblasted.

A special highlight: The storage space was banned behind the brick wall into large wooden shelves to give the actual sales room a more spacious appearance and a more valuable, inviting atmosphere.

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