It all starts with the blank, white wall.

A white, virgin wall – most of us just feel the need to cover this unsightly bareness somehow. But I perceive every empty wall as a wellspring of inspiration and creativity, when I imagine what I can do with it: 


◆ gilding, 

◆ patination, 

◆ marbling, 

◆ glazing, 

◆ stucco, 

◆ stuccolustro, 

◆ lime plaster, 

◆ murals, 

◆ frescoes, 

◆ wallpapers, 

◆ panels.

What a unique opportunity to give your home a distinctive character and to make your home a unique place. Really one of a kind – as no wall that I have designed is like another. They are as different and unique as my valued clients. 


From Beijing via Baku, Berlin and Munich to Mallorca and Moscow, I had the privilege to enhance the homes and offices of selected customers and companies who expect something special on their walls – just a tailor-made, unique living environment. I believe a home should surround you like a soft and comfortable coat, giving you protection and security, warmth and individuality. 


Let your imagination flow on the following pages and discover the many unexpected ways to upgrade any ordinary wall into something special. And I'm more than happy to facilitate the evolution of your home into your dream home.


Cordially yours – 

Jeannette Schulz