My customers feel delighted and amazed about the distinctiveness of my wall designs.

I strongly feel that my passion for tailor-made, creative wall design arises from three sources: 


◆ As an experienced master painter I know all the 

   ancient techniques that will bring all the marvelous
   effects to life on the wall. 


◆ As a long-term cooperation partner of exclusive
   wallpaper manufacturers, I have the essential
   know-how that is required for all exclusive
   wall-clothings that are beyond just paper. 


◆ As a creative nature, I can easily understand
   and further develop the ideas and decoration
   needs of my clients with my own experience.
   Think big – almost everything is possible. 


Most likely, it is this unique mélange that inspires my creativity every day and creates enthusiasm among my clients all over the world.

A nice challenge for example was a huge wall mosaic almost 6 x 4 meters in size: It was designed by the wallcovering manufacturer Welter in Berlin and showed a two-meter high dragon in the center. From different colored porcelain panels, the individual elements of the mosaic were first cut to size and then attached to the pre-drawn wall, working from a scaffold. Today this art work adorns the showroom of ELBE in Beijing and is another proof of the enormous variety of modern wall design.