The best of both worlds: craft and art.

◆ What do you expect from your new wall design? 

◆ Which colors, patterns and techniques could be
   the perfect fit for your home? 

◆ What individual steps are required? 

◆ What additional specialists and artists are needed? 

◆ Who is responsible for the entire project manage-
   ment as central interface to all involved artisans? 

◆ What will the timeframe be – and the final costs? 


Questions like these and many more, we will discuss in a first consultation – without any obligations for you.

This first step of individual advice and a coordinated project strategy always is the indispensable basis for a successful completion of my work. Preparation is everything!


Below are some examples of the different techniques that I will blend to achieve any fascinating and unique wall design.

Example 1: Gilding and silvering

With leaf gold and other precious metals, I will add unimagined effects to your walls. In small batches and with special bonding agents the razor-thin gold, silver, platinum or palladium is affixed to the primed wall. Whether applied on large areas or just in petite and delicate patterns: a really elaborate and time-consuming technique, that in former times was solely reserved for the monarchs. 


And you will be surprised how this special technique will transform any old furniture into a classy, one-of-a-kind eye-catcher. I will be more than happy to help you acquire the perfect antique furniture on the traditional flea-markets in Paris, Brussels and London. 

Example 2: Marbling, glaze and patina

For patination, the wall is first coated with a layer of paint or glaze and then the surface is further processed with different techniques (scraping, brushing, polishing, stamping, sponging, etc.).

Example 3: Stucco

The origins of the stucco technique lie far back in ancient times, when a smooth but textured surface was regarded as the highest technical perfection of wall design. 


The appropriate preparation of the wall starts with a complex priming process and the basic filling. Then the decoration layers are applied with frequent spatula strokes using a small putty knife. The strokes have to be applied cheek by jowl and criss-cross before being smoothed. By applying several superimposed layers I will create the typical and unique surface structure of Stucco Antico.

Example 4: Murals

The creative spark for my murals originated from my children: Sometime my youngest daughter brought up the question, why I could not paint her room – and immediately I came up with the vision of custom-painted designs for children: colorful scenes from the jungle, the underwater world, from the African veldt, from the Caribbean, from a summer meadow full of blossoms and butterflies, and, and, and. Meanwhile, even a princess room has joined those first ideas. 


I frequently use the template technique, some is mapped to the type of old artists on the wall and then the color is applied hands-free. On special request, I will design your own custom-made, non-woven wallpaper in my workshop, which then will be glued to the walls of your home.

Example 5: Silk, fabric and glass wallpapers and 7Star panels

7Star panels are a genious invention of the wallcover manufacturer Welter in Berlin. They are made in time-consuming manual work using the finest porcelain powder and then coated with various materials and precious metals.