Fabrics And Furniture

The Fabrics That Living Dreams Are Made Of

My goal is to help you make your home or office more liveable by giving life to the room. Timelessly beautiful and noble fabrics in home and apartment are the number one design factor.


An attractive wall covering, a matching upholstery fabric, color-coordinated curtains and of course the accessories such as cushions, tablecloths and more: Only when a red design thread runs through the entire project, it finally will end up as a perfect whole. It is therefore all the more important to find the right fabrics and furniure, matching your expectations and wishes,  from the seemingly endless selection of decorative fabrics. Not only colors and patterns, but also material, practicality and, of course, the cost-benefit ratio wants to be considered.


Exactly this kind of consultation is a strength of my many years of work. So far, I have still found the perfect material to make your dream home a reality.

Renowned premium brands for which JEARODES is your source of supply:

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