Ambience, Atmosphere And Accents By Light

In the design phase of a room, the art of lighting is often dismissed as negligible or even completely left out -somehow the existing lamps have been sufficient so far. But how many possibilities are left on the table, as creative and modern lighting concepts revive every hitherto boring room with true fireworks of lively accents and soothing islands of light.


Whether we use indirect lighting, which covers entire walls and ceilings in soft background light, or LED spotlights that will highlight your neglected wall decorations and thereby conjure welcome accents.


With the appropriate lighting technology of well-known manufacturers, I give the architectural features of your rooms and your special pieces of furniture their well-deserved stage and add more depth to each room. Finally, that will significantly contribute to the overall comfortable atmosphere.

Renowned lighting brands for which JEARODES is your source of supply:

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